Welcome to Kinosaki Hot Springs

Kinosaki Onsen is a town built entirely around the needs of visitors. Whether it is strolling through the beautiful, willow-lined streets dressed in yukata as you visit the many relaxing hot springs, enjoying fresh crab or Tajima steak at a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan), or simply taking in the scenery, culture and atmosphere of old Japan that lives on in Kinosaki to this day, we are confident you will find a whole world of unique experiences that will make your stay in Kinosaki the highlight of your time in Japan. Welcome to Kinosaki Onsen!

Hot Springs
Kinosaki is known throughout Japan and the world as one of the best hot spring resort towns. Visit Kinosaki and experience our many beautiful and relaxing Japanese hot springs!

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Yukata are distinctly Japanese fashion, which are rarely seen in every day, modern Japan... except in Kinosaki. Discover the comfort and beauty of yukata for yourself in Kinosaki.

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Danjiri Festival
You may have seen Japanese danjiri (portable shrine) festivals on TV or the Internet before, but you have probably not experienced one quite like the Kinosaki “Shrine Fighting” Festival!

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Kinosaki Tips
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Use the Kinosaki Inn Concierge service to book your stay at any one of several ryokan (Japanese inns) in Kinosaki.

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Kinosaki Tourist Information Center
357-1 Yushima Kinosaki-cho,
Toyooka, Hyogo, 669-6101, Japan
Kinosaki Information Counter
TEL: 81-796-29-4188